Warranty and Care Advice


Here at Crownhill Garden Furniture Ltd we aim to offer the very best advise regarding caring for your outdoor furniture and pergolas and any advise we give is based on our vast experience (est 2006) in selling and delivering the products we offer.

Firstly, as a family run business we actually care! We only sell products from reputable, reliable suppliers and we always aim to help even when a rare issue may not be covered by your warranty unlike many of our competitors.

Unfortunately many of the larger online companies have a high turnover of staff which means they do not always have any knowledge of the products they are selling, here at Crownhill we speak to every single customer before we take an order and always honestly answer any questions you may have.

Some of the larger suppliers offer extended ‘Limited’ warranties on their products, however each of these warranties may differ and there are always exceptions which will not be covered – we are always happy to clarify these before you purchase.

Lastly, unfortunately there are other companies out there which offer unrealistic promises of 10 year warranties etc… and in some cases these companies have only just started trading, so our advice is always to check the validity of a company before purchasing.


Any product which is purchased and left outside in our British weather will need some sort of care or maintaining to ensure that your product gives you pleasure for many years to come.


Although we select the best quality materials for our cushions, they are ‘SHOWERPROOF’ Not Waterproof and should always be stored away when not in use. The majority of our cushions have zipped/washable covers allowing the foam to be removed and even replaced over time should you wish, they are also ‘stain resistant’ NOT ‘stain proof” so should you spill something on them it will need to be mopped up as soon as possible. Do not ever be tempted to leave your cushions under a waterproof cover as this may cause mould, which is almost impossible to remove.

Wear & Tear, miss-use and accidental damage are NOT covered by any warranty.


As much as our ‘all weather fabric ranges’ are designed to stay outside all year long and are extremely ‘stain resistant’ you will need to make sure that when they become stained or dirty it is your responsibility to clean them. Care instructions are enclosed and noted within the information on our product pages. In simple terms, this type of product is resistant to most stains and anything deposited on the material will not normally damage the fabric itself, however you will need to remove any stain from the surface. These products are extremely durable and a power washer is a great investment to keep your furniture in top condition and will remove most stains.

Any loose cushions should be stored away when not in use.


All of our Rattan/Woven Garden Furniture ranges are manufactured from the best quality UV Resistant Synthetic Weave and will always have a powder coated ‘rust free’ aluminium framework underneath (unlike cheaper steel framed items which will rust). Although this type of product does not really need to be covered, there are a range of covers available for peace of mind should you wish to maximise the lifespan in our climate. If your product has a clear glass table top with weave underneath Do Not leave glass items etc… on the table top which may magnify the suns rays and may damage the synthetic weave – this will not be covered by your warranty and although we will always try to help this is your responsibility.

Simple Care Advice

  • Store cushions away whenever not in use
  • Do Not leave glass items on table tops which will magnify the suns rays
  • Keep clean with soapy water/hose down
  • Lubricate any moving parts periodically

Secure your items during windy weather to stop them being blown over on to your patio, causing damage as wear and tear, accidental damage and miss-use will not be covered by your warranty.


All of our products which have Glass Table Tops must have ‘British Safety Standard’ Tempered Glass, this glass must be certified and is tested to the highest standards. This is a legal requirement in the UK – By nature of this product in the unlikely event that it is put under enough stress to break it will shatter in to tiny pieces for safety reasons. This is a legal requirement and in our experience extremely rare and always caused by damage or impact – Glass breakage whilst within your care is NOT covered by Warranty.

HARDWARE (Nuts & Bolts etc….)

Although most of our items are supplied with Stainless/Galvanized steel hardware (aluminium can not be used for hardware components) over time it is natural for these to show brown rust marks on the surface, this will not damage the strength of your hardware and can usually be removed by normal household cleaning products – this is considered as part of your product care and maintenance and is NOT covered by your warranty.


Our Aluminium Pergolas have become extremely popular within the last few years, and we pride ourselves in stocking the premium Titan & Thor Ranges which are exceptional quality compared to other ranges on the market at this price point. These Pergolas have been tested to ‘Beaufort Scale 10 ‘ (once assembled and secured to your surface correctly) which is equivalent to 55mph inland winds.  Both these ranges carry a 5 Year Limited Warranty, below are full details of what is covered.

  • Failure of Structural Parts Due to Manufacturing Defects – Covered
  • Anti Corrosion to Aluminium Parts – Covered
  • Powder Coating / Paint Finish Failure Due to Manufacturing Defects – Covered
  • LABOUR Involved in Replacing parts is NOT Covered, however we will always treat any issues individually and will use discretion where needed.
  • Damage Caused by Winds/Storms in Excess of 55mph (extremely rare) – NOT Covered
  • Damage Caused by Neglect, Wear and Tear or Miss-use – NOT Covered
  • Privacy Screens (1 Year Warranty) are designed simply to give ‘Privacy’ and are not designed as a barrier for severe weather, although they will give limited protection against light/moderate rain etc.. if you leave these down in severe weather or windy conditions this will damage your screen(s) and will NOT be covered by Warranty.
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